PG Programs

All staff and students must write a work plan for the experimental work they plan to undertake. This document should include the following information:

Financial Aid and Scholarship

Details about financial assistance are available at:

HKPFS Awardees’ Sharing

Nicol Alexander William's Sharing

“During the past two years as a HKPFS funded PhD student in the Bioengineering program at HKUST, I have had the opportunity to attend many international and regional research conferences. Hong Kong and the greater Pearl River delta is one of the most innovative regions in the world and often host international conferences. So far, I have attended one conference on molecular probes in Guangzhou and several technology conferences in Hong Kong including the RISE Tech Conference. Additionally, HKUST hosts many conferences through the Institute for Advanced Study such as the Gordon Research conferences every summer. The HKPFS also gives you a small amount of money for attending international conferences abroad which I have used to travel to South Korea, Hawaii and Okinawa Japan. I believe that pursing a PhD is worthwhile because it gives you time to develop an independent scientific mind and the freedom to explore new passions outside the laboratory.”

Nicol Alexander William, admitted to PhD(BIEN) in 2014

“As a 2nd-year Ph.D. student in BIEN program at HKUST, the HKPFS award scheme has not only provided me with sufficient supports in pursuing my own research interests on functional brain activities associated with vection and VIMS, but also ensured plenty of opportunities for me to exchange ideas and learn from other outstanding researchers both within and outside my research fields, which is quite import for keeping a keen and active academic sense. There is no doubt that the support from HKPFS and the training of BIEN program have provide very nice platform for my PG research works and future career in academic. “

Wei Yue, admitted to PhD(BIEN) in 2014

Other Scholarships and Assistance