Experiential Learning Laboratory

The Laboratory (Lab 7250) is a designated experiential learning laboratory for UG students. Students can initiate their project and submit to experiential learning committee for review and approval.

For more information, please contact Matthew WONG (Email:

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Cocktail Project

The cocktail project aims to evaluate the shelf-life of four popular cocktails and investigate various physical and chemical preservation methods suited for elongating their respective shelf lives. To assess their shelf lives in terms of biological safety, the project employs the techniques of total viable count and accelerated shelf-life testing based on the Hong Kong microbiological guidelines for food. Moreover, sensory assessments and pH measurements have been made to detect chemical and physical spoilages in the samples. Using these two approaches, through repeated experiments, incubation, and theoretical research, shelf lives under various storage conditions have been determined. In addition, the project suggests numerous preservation methods catered to the ingredients, compositions, and flavours of each type of cocktail examined in the research.

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Petri dish with colonies
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Types of Cocktail
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Many petri dishes