Bachelor of Engineering in Sustainable Energy Engineering

Program Objectives

Energy poses some of the greatest challenges of our time, from meeting growing demand for clean renewable energy to minimizing environmental impact of its production. The Energy Engineering Program aims to develop leading professionals who can design and implement energy systems to meet expanding global environmental and energy needs. Our mission is to provide a strong multidisciplinary curriculum in energy engineering that will well prepare students for careers focused on finding engineering solutions to energy related issues, including energy generation, delivery, conversion and efficiency. Students will be offered the opportunities to participate in energy research related to a variety of energy and environmental challenges.

Program Features

  • Good balance of engineering knowledge and professional skill development
  • Fundamental knowledge of power generation, conversion, distribution, consumption, optimization, and management
  • Focus on both traditional and renewable energy technologies
  • General understanding of energy conversion and storage, and specialization in solar energy, wind and hydropower, batteries and fuel cells
  • Understanding of environmental assessment, policy and management.