Prof. Yoonseob KIM was selected as the 2022 Rising Star

Prof. Yoonseob KIM, Assistant Professor of Chemical & Biological Engineering, was recently selected as the Rising Star in Materials Science by the ACS Materials Au.

ACS Materials Au is an open-access journal publishing letters, articles, reviews and perspectives describing high-quality research at the forefront of fundamental and applied research, and at the interface between materials and other disciplines.

Prof. KIM's research group currently synthesizes porous crystalline polymers and applies them to tackle energy and environmental problems. Current research topics include solid electrolytes from covalent organic frameworks, all-solid-state Li-metal batteries, and single-atom catalysts on covalent organic frameworks for CO2 reduction reaction.

Prof. Kim’s Rising Stars Perspective is titled “Single-Atom Catalysts on Covalent Organic Frameworks for CO2 Reduction” (DOI: 10.1021/acsmaterialsau.2c00061).

Congratulations to Prof. KIM for the well-deserved recognition.

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