Best PG Award for Excellent Research

We are delighted to announce the recipient of the PG Award for Excellent Research 2019. The award goes to Mr. Shangqian ZHU due to his exceptional research outcome and great research potential in the engineering discipline. This annual award recognizes the excellence of our PG students in research during their graduate study at CBE and their influential impact and contribution to the field.

Shangqian's research mainly focuses on the design of advanced catalysts and spectroscopic studies of reaction mechanisms of CO2 electrochemical reduction, as well as other research topics. His main contribution includes the following: 1) he has developed methodology to perform the in situ surfaceenhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy, and find out that bicarbonate anions are not only the electrolyte providing conductivity and protons in reactions as commonly believed, but also a mediator to provide CO2 to the reaction site. 2) he has fabricated several Pd-Au nanostructures with atomic thin layers of Pd on Au-rich core, and used for CO2-to-CO electrocatalytic conversion.

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