2022 Best PG Awardees for Excellent Research

It is with great pride to announce that Mr. Jianhui Liu (supervised by Prof. Ying Chau) has been awarded with "Chan Tak Kei & Wong Kwai Ying Best PG Award for Excellent Research" and Mr. Jordy Evan Sulaiman (supervised by Prof. Henry Lam) has been awarded with "CBE’s Graduate Student Award for Research Excellence".  
Excelling in academia and research, Jordy and Jianhui possess the qualities of all-rounded researchers who have earned accomplishments and compliments from all facets: their work, supervisors, and students. To share our pride, some of their achievements are highlighted below:

  • Jianhui Liu is an avant-garde researcher who has spearheaded the field of biomaterials in the construction of a minimalist synthetic material with the thermodynamic properties and biological function of membraneless organelles. As a postdoctoral fellow, he is also the first member dedicated to the development of bio-inspired design of polymer-petide material for mimicking the scaffolding proteins of membranes organelles. He is the author of 8 conference papers in the flagship conferences of biomaterials research, including Controlled Release Society (CRS), Materials Research Society (MRS) and American Chemical Society (ACS). As the (sole) first author of five research papers in high-impact journals, his work is also featured on the back cover of ACS Central Science and highlighted on the journal’s social media platform.
  • Starting as an undergraduate, Jordy Evan Sulaiman’s research on the development of better catalysts for ethanol fuel cells has already resulted in a first author publication in ACS Catalysis and won the first-place award in the ASPIRE Undergraduate Research Academy in South Korea. As he continues to thrive, he is the awardee for the Mr. Armin and Mrs. Lillian Kitchell Undergraduate Research Award and HKUST Undergraduate Research Excellence Award. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship from the Research Grant Council of the Hong Kong government. His contributions to research and techniques have made notable biological discoveries and unearthed a number of genes and proteins that have previously unappreciated roles in tolerance in E. coli and S. aureus. To date, Jordan has published 12 papers as the first author, 8 conference proceedings, and 16 major awards. 

Congratulations to Mr. Jianhui Liu and Mr. Jordy Evan Sulaiman for winning the award.

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