Prof. Terence WONG has been awarded the Research, Academic, and Industry Sectors One-plus Scheme and recognized on Unicorn Day at HKUST for his CHAMP Microscope project

Prof. Terence WONG, the founder of MedTech startup PhoMedics Limited, has been recognized as one of the five awardees at HKUST for the first round of the Research, Academic, and Industry Sectors One-plus Scheme (RAISe+ Scheme). His CHAMP Microscope project has also gained recognition at HKUST's Unicorn Day, a significant event that brings together innovators, investors, and industry stakeholders to exchange insights, explore collaborations, and foster technological advancement and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Launched in October 2023, RAISe+ aims to unleash the potential of local universities in the transformation and commercialization of R&D outcomes, and facilitate relevant collaboration among the Government, industries, universities, and research sectors. With a rigorous selection structure, awardees must fulfill the qualifications from five different aspects: (1) Innovation and Technology Component; (2) Commercial Viability of Project Outcomes; (3) Technical and Management Capability of the Team; (4) Relevance of the Project with Government Policies or in Overall Interest of the Community; and (5) Financial Considerations of the Project.

The Winning Project — On-the-spot Cancer Imaging by CHAMP Microscopy

As the founder of PhoMedics Limited, Prof. Wong and his team at HKUST have developed the CHAMP Microscope, which aims to revolutionize how cancer cells are detected before, during, and after surgery. CHAMP, short for Computational High-throughput Autofluorescence Microscopy by Pattern Illumination, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical device that revolutionizes cancer diagnostics by providing fast and accurate on-the-spot histological imaging. As mentioned by Prof. Wong, “CHAMP achieves over 90% similarity to the clinical gold standard for checking the presence of cancer in just 3 minutes, making it nearly 1,000 times faster than the traditional method.”

Success is Teamwork from the Translational Focus at CBE

Prof. Wong emphasized how the translational focus at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) has made a societal impact on patients. He highlighted the contributions of PhoMedic's co-founders, including Dr. Ivy Hei Man Wong, Mr. Victor Tsz Chun Tsang, Ms. Jessie Jiajie Wu, and Ms. Lauren Wai Kei Tsui, who have graduated or are pursuing Ph.D./MPhil. degrees in Bioengineering.

The CHAMP Outlook — Revolutionizing Cancer Imaging for Better Healthcare Everywhere

CHAMP is a game-changer in global healthcare. According to Prof. Wong, "It offers rapid and accurate cancer imaging without the need for preparation, improving patients' quality of life by eliminating repeated surgeries due to positive margins." Further empowered by AI, CHAMP's AI platform decentralizes the histopathology process, enabling rural areas in China and developing countries to access better healthcare without the limitations of manpower shortages and lack of clinical infrastructure.

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