Prof. Jiguang WANG Honored in Latest SENG Research Excellence Awards

Prof. Jiguang WANG of CBE (with a joint appointment in Life Science) has been awarded the School of Engineering Young Investigator (Rising Star) Research Award 2018-2019.

Each year, the School of Engineering recognises the contributions made by its faculty members to the research world and the impact they have had on the local and global communities. The Young Investigator Research Award highlights the achievements of a rising star in the school.

Prof. Wang’s research has been widely recognised internationally. His recent work has been selected as China’s top 10 research advances in life science in 2018. He has also collaborated closely with physicians in mainland China, Korea and Hong Kong. His work has been translated into clinically relevant results and has been published by high-impact journals such as Cell and Nature Genetics.

“We are delighted to see Prof. Wang’s accomplishments being honored and we wish him continued success in his effort to drive excellence in research and innovation,” said Prof. I-Ming HSING, Head of CBE.

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