HKUST Develops New Multifunctional Hydrogel for Odor and Microbial Control in Hong Kong’s Drainage and Flushing Systems

Developed by a research team led by Prof. King-Lun YEUNG, the multifunctional hydrogel can be tailored to treat different odor problems and microbial contaminations in harsh environment in an efficient and safe manner.

Prof. Yeung said the MalOdor-Control (MOC) hydrogel provides an inexpensive but effective solution to odor problems. It is also safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and could complement and enhance traditional practices. Apart from killing the odor-causing microorganisms and inhibiting their ability to generate odorous gases, MOC hydrogel can reduce corrosion to the pipes and antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in drainage as shown by studies. Moreover, the hydrogel will decompose into sand upon release of disinfectants so it will not cause any harm to the environment.

Besides recognition by the local government, the MOC hydrogel has also won silver medal at the 2022 Special Edition of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

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(From left) A group photo of Prof. Joseph Kwan, Adjunct Professor of Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR) and Chairman of Board of Directors of Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS); Prof. YEUNG King-Lun, Professor at HKUST’s Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and ENVR; Dr. David CHUNG, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology; and Mr. Hamilton HUNG, Chief Marketing Officer of Chiaphua Industries Limited, holding different formulas of MOC hydrogel and AMGel (light blue bottle).

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