Management Structure

The safe day-to-day running of departmental laboratories requires the proper delegation of authority and responsibilities and each link in the chain should be fully aware of, and acting in accordance with, their specific responsibility. These are outlined in the first chapter of the HKUST Safety and Environmental Protection Manual.

The safety policy has been formulated by the department safety committee, consisting of the following personnel:

  • Departmental Safety Officer (DSO)
  • Deputy DSO;
  • Faculties with expertise in three research clusters: Biological, Energy/Materials and Processing System Engineering (PSE)
  • Faculty  Laboratory Representatives

Committee meetings are typically convened once a semester primarily in order to review operations and the existing policy.

The current members of the department safety committee are as follows:
DSO: Mr. Wing Li LEUNG
Deputy DSO: Mr. Cheng Hoi Yau
Faculty representatives from each research cluster (Biological, Energy/Material, PSE)