Emergency Contacts

Reporting Specific Hazards or Dangerous Practices

All faculty, staff and students in the department share the responsibility for protecting those working in the department and others who may be exposed to hazards as a result of our activities. 

If you have seen any operation, activity or apparatus that you consider to be a potential non-urgent hazard, you may report it by contacting:

  1. On-campus line 2358-6565 (24 hours)
  2. Leung Wing Li DSO: 2358-8828 or email:
  3. Cheng Hoi Yau Deputy DSO: 2358-5724 or email:

For top emergencies, dial 8999 on the nearest internal telephone

Or you can call 2358 8999 if using a mobile phone. It is strongly advised that you save this number in your contacts.